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The Reason Why the Filter Press Has a Slurry Leakage Phenomenon

Aug. 09, 2019

Is the filter leakage occurring in the filter press because of adjusting the relief valve? As a Filter Press Supplier, let's analyze it together.

Membrane Filter Press does not maintain pressure, diaphragm filter press often occurs in the phenomenon of slurry leakage: improper adjustment or damage of the relief valve; oil leakage inside the valve; cylinder seal ring damage; leakage outside the pipeline; electromagnetic reversing valve is not in place (general It is because of this); the plunger pump is damaged (two because of this); there is not enough, check the level gauge.

The Membrane Filter Press uses a proportional valve. The hydraulic system has a wide range of problems and it is difficult to check. It needs to be checked step by step. If the oil is not clean, the hydraulic oil has impurities, the one-way valve core is worn out or the plunger oil pump is in the middle of the fault, and the signal of the proportional valve is disturbed, the diaphragm filter press will not be kept under pressure. The cylinder O-ring generally has a normal service life of 2-3 years. It is recommended to replace the cylinder seal first.

Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press

High Pressure Membrane Filter Press: The installation position of the mud device is too high, and it is not possible to adjust the position of the mud. Partial blockage of the mud shovel causes uneven local mud and needs to be cleaned to clear the blockage. The local wear of the loach is seriously caused, and the effect of the local sludge filtration is greatly reduced. After entering the pressing area, it still has a strong fluidity and needs to replace the damaged loach. The uneven wiper wears uneven surface and the wave is wavy, so that the mud is uneven in this area and needs to be replaced.

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