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The Significance of Effective Filtration Area in the Filter Press

Jul. 29, 2019

When we choose the filter press, we will think about the effective area of the filter press. Specifically, we know the general filter area of the filter press. Today, Filter Press and Accessories Factory talk about the significance of effective filtration area in filter presses.

The effective filtration area refers to the sum of the wall areas of all the filter plates in the filtration chamber. Through I give you an example to understand, a 1000 series chamber filter press has 20 filter plates on the beam, so its filter area is 1000mm * 1000mm * 20 * 2 = 40m2, of which 1000mm * 1000mm That is, the area of each filter plate, 20 is the number of sheets of the filter plate, and the remaining 2 is because the Chamber Filter Press filter plate has a filter area on both sides.

Chamber Filter Press

The filter area of the filter press is directly related to the working speed of the filter press, which is the processing speed of the filter press. This is how we understand the filter area of the filter press. The larger the effective filtration area of the filter press, the stronger the ability to filter the separated mixture per unit time, and the greater the amount of filtration separation, which increases the pressure filter in a certain range. The applicable efficiency of the machine.

The above is the meaning and role analysis of the effective filtration area of Filter Press China, and choose the filter press equipment. The effective filtration area of the filter press plays an important role, so we must maximize the applicable efficiency of the filter press equipment, then we must understand today's content.

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