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Precautions for Using the Plate Frame Filter Press in Summer

Jul. 18, 2019

In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high. Many machines and equipment are overloaded due to overheating of the machine during operation, and the filter press is no exception. When using Plate and Frame Filter Press in summer, it is important to pay attention to the operating state of the plate and frame filter press to prevent damage caused by overload operation from affecting the filter press. So, what should you pay attention to during use? Plate Frame Filter Press Factory to explain to you.

First, we pay attention to the hydraulic system. Since the equipment will repeatedly pressurize the filter plate during the working process, the hydraulic system will work frequently, withstand the huge pressure on the filter plate, the weather is hot, and the hydraulic device is easily overheated. Since the hydraulic unit itself is a highly enclosed component, some simple cooling methods are not ideal for hydraulic systems. Therefore, when using the Plate and Frame Filter Press in the summer, we should always pay attention to changes and minimize the overload of the equipment.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Second, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will rise. Due to the very hot summer weather and the work, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will continue to rise. When the temperature reaches a very high temperature, the hydraulic oil will evaporate less, which will also cause structural changes between the hydraulic oil molecules, resulting in oil. The volume is not very stable, and the volume of the hydraulic oil varies with the pressure of the receiving pressure and cannot be used for the pressure of the equipment.

Third, prevent the filter plate from being oxidized by direct sunlight. Plate and Frame Filter Press plates are usually made of polypropylene plastic material, which means that the filter plates are made of plastic material. When exposed to sunlight, it will accelerate the change of oxygen molecules in the air, causing the plastic filter plate to oxidize and deteriorate, harden and break, and the filter plate is easily damaged, resulting in an increase in the cost of the filter press device.

In short, when using filter press equipment in summer, in addition to paying special attention to controlling the operation of the filter press equipment, it is necessary to protect various components and take measures to reduce the temperature and prevent oxidation, thus ensuring that the filter press is used throughout the summer. It can run normally and safely.

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