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How to solve the Filter Pres leakage problem?

Nov. 16, 2019

During the operation of the filter press, the leakage of the filter press is an important factor affecting the price preservation of the filter press. For some reason, the filter press may leak. This has a very good working efficiency for the filter press. For large influences, it is necessary to grasp the solution of leakage of the filter press in advance. The following is a Filter Press Accessories Manufacturers to give you a brief explanation of the solution to the problem of penetration of the filter press.

First, whether the filter press is pressed, the compression pressure is at what level, and whether the pressure is used.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Second, whether the filter cloth is placed flat and whether there is any foreign matter pressed in. The common foreign matter is the filter cloth binding line.

Third, if the filter press is a dark flow type, the dark flow holes of the filter cloth are aligned. If one hole is not aligned, it will affect the whole machine. Another reason is that because of the new filter cloth, the latitude and longitude gap of the filter cloth is large. After several uses, the material blocks the gap and will not leak.

Plate and Frame Filter Press's long-term work will lead to long-term contact between the filter cloth and the filter. In addition, it works in a strong pressure environment, which leads to more and more solid particles in the filter adhere to the filter cloth. on. At the same time, the filter cloth is woven by the tight hole-retaining method, so that the filter cloth creates a special structure so that the solid particles in the filter cloth are not easily discharged, which leads to the performance of the equipment is inefficient. Let our filter press manufacturers come to analyze how the pressure provided by the filter press affects its working efficiency.

Vehicle Mounted Filter Press The core part of the solid-liquid separation equipment is the filter chamber of the equipment. That is to say, the equipment filter chamber is the direct bearer of the equipment work, so that the working efficiency of the equipment and the filter chamber of the equipment is also close. The relationship. Speaking of the filter chamber of the equipment, the filter press company believes that it has several filters plates and filter cloth staggered, and under the pressure, they form the filter chamber required by the equipment so that the equipment can function.

The pressure light is to make the filter plate constitute the filter chamber. It is not enough. Because the equipment is working, the filter chamber in the filter chamber will be filled with the filtrate, and the liquid in the filtrate can pass through the filter cloth. The main reason is because the filter allows The pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter cloth. With the pressure difference, the natural hydraulic pressure will go from the high-pressure environment to the low-pressure environment. Once the pressure difference is larger, the amount and speed of the hydraulic filter cloth will increase, which can improve the equipment is working efficiently.

If the internal energy of the filtrate increases, the natural liquid also exerts pressure on the filter plate. If the filter plate cannot resist the force, then the filtrate must leak out of the gap of the filter plate, which will greatly reduce the filtrate. The original internal energy, so the equipment needs to provide pressure to the filter plate, and the pressure is greater then the reaction force of the filter on the filter plate, so as to ensure that the filtrate has higher internal energy, thereby improving the filtration efficiency.

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