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Filter cloth installation elements

Nov. 14, 2019

Before installing the filter cloth on the filter press equipment, the filter press manufacturer needs to install the support filter cloth. The function of the filter cloth is to quickly detach the filter cake by the gravity when the mud is discharged, and the surface of the filter plate may be rubbed. The wear of the bumps is minimized to protect the filter cloth. Filter Press Manufacturers extend the service life of the filter cloth and increase the filtration effect. The viscosity is lower than 50% and the viscosity is low. The liquid is sealed and sealed to achieve the requirements of purification, sterilization, clarification, fine filtration, deactivated carbon, microparticle removal and semi-fine filtration. The microporous membrane can be directly used, and the filtration can be achieved without filtration through the microporous membrane filter. purpose.

Filter press manufacturers in the industry's filtration process in the application of filter press equipment advantages: large filtration area, large flow, large scope of application, so in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries have a wide range of applications, the application of pharmaceutical injection in the pharmaceutical industry Filtering, the effect is very good. Made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, suitable for filtering various pH acid and alkali solutions. The machine is applied with pressurized sealed filtration, with less filtrate loss, good filtration quality and high efficiency. The filter part of the filter press manufacturer consists of ten layers of filter plates, with a large filtration area and large circulation; and different filter membranes and filter paper media can be replaced according to the different production process requirements of the filtered solution. And according to the user's production flow rate can appropriately reduce or increase the number of filter plates, filter press manufacturers make it suitable for production needs, so the machine has a wide range of applications for a wide range of applications; the filter plate uses a flat thread mesh shape, Advanced structure, no deformation, easy to clean, can effectively increase the service life of various filter membranes, thereby reducing and saving production costs. The filter press manufacturer's filter press is equipped with a stainless steel pressure pump, which is equipped with a small motor and consumes electricity province. The Chamber Filter Press has a rubber wheel under the base of the machine, which is easy to operate and flexible to move.

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press

In the entire filtration industry, the filter press manufacturer's design of the working principle of the filter press equipment is mainly used for the separation of solid and liquid. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, the filter press manufacturers have higher solid content and excellent separation effect on the filter cake of the filter press equipment in the industry.

1. The design of the filter cloth of the equipment is that the part of the surrounding filter plate that is pressed and contacted should be ensured to be flat, and no wrinkles should be generated to avoid damage or mud leakage caused by the filter plate being squeezed by the filter cloth. It is possible to prevent the buckle tail from being too long and may protrude into the filter plate to damage the filter cloth or cause mud leakage. The short tail should be cut off.

2. When installing, it should be noted that there is no foreign matter or large sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate. Large sludge particles or foreign matter may cause damage to the filter plate or filter cloth of the filter press when the plate is closed. Generally, when the filter press manufacturer has no special requirements for the design of the filter press equipment, the cloth of the filter cloth faces the mud. Otherwise, the installation error will cause the filter cloth to be easily blocked, and the filtering efficiency is low.

3. The buckle can not be locked too tightly by the buckle. Otherwise, the sludge remaining in the filter cloth at the contact part of the filter plate will not be automatically cleaned and removed. The filter cloth of the filter press should be stored in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to use a dark shade cloth to protect it from ultraviolet rays and prevent the aging of the filter cloth. Our company also has a Hydraulic Membrane Filter Press on sale, welcome to come to us.

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