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Reasons For The Small Moisture Content Of The Membrane Filter Press 2

May. 30, 2019

As a supplier of Chamber Filter Press, we continue to share with you the reasons why the Membrane Filter Press has a lower moisture content.

In the rest of the Membrane Filter Press filter plate, a two-layer diaphragm plate is used to splicing the welded structure. There is a space between the two layers. There is a channel in the closed space, which can be connected with the high-pressure gas outside the filter press. The liquid is connected such that when the passage is opened, the high-pressure gas or liquid passes into the filter plate so that the pressure inside the filter plate is greater than the pressure outside the filter plate so that the diaphragm plates on both sides of the filter plate expand under internal pressure. The outer protrusion makes the middle of the original filter plate in the Membrane Filter Press filter room larger, and the corresponding filter cake is also smaller in the middle, so that the moisture in the filter cake can be further reduced under the squeeze. However, when the pressure inside the filter plate is reduced, the filter plate will return to the shape without expansion, so that the next expansion extrusion can be performed again.

The design of the Membrane Filter Press filter plate in the design position of the filter cloth and the pre-storage of the filter cake is basically the same as that of the box filter press, and there is no major change, so in general, the filter plate size of the van filter press The type is the same as the Membrane Filter Press, which is to reduce the manufacturing of the filter plate.

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