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Reasons For The Small Moisture Content Of The Membrane Filter Press 1

May. 24, 2019

As a Filter Press Accessories Supplier, let's share with you why Membrane Filter Press has a lower moisture content.

Membrane Filter Press is used to make the filter plate expand and deform, and the filter cake is secondarily pressed to further reduce the moisture of the filter cake. The Membrane Filter Press is different from other types of filter press filter plates at the beginning of design. The subversive filter press must be solid, stable and not easily deformed. The Membrane Filter Press filter plate has opened up a new way to create a hollow filter plate.

Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press filter plate adopts the same feed splitter channel as the filter press filter plate, and the channel is designed in the middle of the filter plate, so that the filtrate flowing in from the feed pipe flows uniformly from the middle of the filter plate to the periphery. The filter cloth in the Membrane Filter Press is brought into contact with the filtrate, filtered and separated. The filter cake after the interception is formed more uniformly, and the rear filter plate is expanded and squeezed to create a good condition.

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