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How Is The Filtrate From Plate And Frame Filter Press Discharged?

May. 17, 2019

As a Filter Equipment Company, let us introduce the discharge of the filter of the plate and frame filter press.

1. The filtrate is first pumped into the water inlet pipe of the filter press by the feed pump, and the feed pump gradually increases the filtrate of the water inlet pipe, so that the filtrate enters the two water distribution pipes under high pressure conditions.

2. The water distribution pipe is connected to the two inlet valve bars above the plate and frame filter press, so that the filtrate enters the two distribution pipes above the filter plate of the plate and frame filter press.

3. The material distribution pipe is formed by splicing and splicing the filter plates one by one. On the side of the uniform direction of each filter plate, there is a channel or groove leading to the central depression of the filter plate.

Plate And Frame Filter Press

4. The filtrate in the filter pipe of the filter plate is divided into the filter chamber composed of each filter plate and plate frame by the above method, and is in contact with the filter cloth, and the filtration purpose is achieved under the trend of strong pressure.

5. After the filtration ends, the separated filtrate is collected through the water pipe below the filter plate, and then flows out from the drain valve of the single filter plate to discharge the Plate And Frame Filter Press.

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