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How to Solve the Problem of Leakage in the Filter Chamber?

Aug. 12, 2019

Leakage of the filter press filter plate, small affects the filtration quality of Filter Press China, some equipment wastes some work; large affect the overall work of the filter press and even the serious consequences of the overall strike of the filter press.

There are many reasons for the leakage of the filter chamber of a horizontal filter press such as a chamber filter press or a High Pressure Membrane filter. If this problem is to be solved, it is necessary to take a corresponding treatment according to the cause of such a problem.

The Chamber Filter Press filter chamber is formed by a number of squares, separate filter plates that are pressure activated. When this plays a crucial role - pressure, when it can not reach a certain range, it will naturally affect the state of the filter plate, which will naturally affect the filter chamber of the equipment. If the pressure is less than the required amount, the capacity of the filter plate and the filter plate is naturally smaller than the power of the filter itself, so it will flow out from the gap of the filter plate and even cause the phenomenon of spraying. Therefore, according to this reason, when it is found that the filter chamber leaks, the first thing to check is the equipment pressure system problem, to see if it has enough pressure or the screw is not stuck, etc. It is worthwhile to say that when the hydraulic oil is insufficient It also causes one of the reasons why the hydraulic system has a small effect.

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press

In addition to insufficient pressure, damage to the filter plate itself is also responsible for filtration leakage. Since the Chamber Filter Press works in a long, extremely harsh environment, it also needs to loosen the filter plates one by one and remove the filter cake. Such complicated and repeated work will inevitably cause some damage to the filter plate inadvertently, such as a groove or wear on the edge of the filter plate, and the sealing of the filter chamber is mainly achieved by the convex edge around the filter plate. When there are grooves or severe wear, the pressure generated by the equipment is not strong enough to cause the seal of the filter chamber. Naturally, the filter will leak out during work. For this reason, we need to replace the filter plate.

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