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Why use the Membrane Filter Press to filter less moisture?

Dec. 20, 2019

Everyone knows that there are basically three types of horizontal filter presses on the market today, including box filter presses, plate and frame filter presses, and Membrane Filter Press. It introduces the box-type or plate-and-frame filter press. Few people introduce the diaphragm filter press, so everyone has a certain mysterious color to the diaphragm filter press, especially the filter plate of the diaphragm filter. Plate structure. Membrane Filter Press Factory has come to explore the mystery of the filter plate of membrane filter.

Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press

In order to make the filter plate expand and deform, the membrane filter press is used to squeeze the filter cake twice, so that the water content of the filter cake can be further reduced. Not the same, the subversion filter press must be solid, stable and not easily deformed. The diaphragm filter press filter plate opened a new path, creating the era of the hollow filter plate.

The filter plate of the membrane filter uses the same feed distribution channel as the filter plate of the box-type filter, and a channel is designed in the middle of the filter plate so that the filter liquid flowing from the feed pipe uniformly spreads from the middle of the filter plate to the surroundings. , So that the filter cloth in the membrane filter press comes in contact with the filtering liquid, filtering, separation. Makes the intercepted filter cake more uniform in shape, and the subsequent filter plate expands and squeezes to create good conditions.

In the remaining part of the filter plate of the membrane filter, a two-layer diaphragm plate splicing welding structure is used, and space is left between the two layers. There is a channel in this closed space, and this channel can communicate with the high-pressure gas outside the filter. Or the liquid is connected, so when this channel is opened, high-pressure gas or liquid passes into the filter plate, so that the pressure inside the filter plate is greater then the pressure outside the filter plate, so that the diaphragm plates on both sides of the filter plate expand under the internal pressure. It protrudes outwards, making the middle of the original filter plate in the filter chamber of the membrane filter larger, and the middle of the corresponding filter cake smaller, so that the water in the filter cake can be further reduced by squeezing. However, when the pressure inside the filter plate is reduced, the filter plate will return to the shape without expansion so that the next expansion and compression can be performed again.

The design of the filter plate of the membrane filter in the design position of the filter cloth and the storage of the filter cake is basically the same as the box filter. There is no major change, so in general, the box filter plate The size and type are the same as those of the diaphragm filter press.

Causes of Chamber Membrane Filter Press:

The mesh number of the filter cloth is too small: the mesh number is an important parameter for the filter cloth of a membrane filter. It indicates the size of the filter holes in the filter cloth. When it is solid, there are a lot of solid particles that pass through the filter cloth in a normal way, which causes the liquid to remain turbid after filtering; the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press is broken: It is known that the filter cloth is generally knitted by various fibers Just like a cloth, the filter cloth is soft and ductile.

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