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How does the Filter Press divert the filtrate?

Dec. 12, 2019

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economic construction of the Chamber Filter Press, many cities have had to limit water and electricity. Therefore, the state invests huge sums of money in infrastructure construction every year. For water supply pumping stations, most of the existing equipment is outdated, and the technology and power supply equipment is old.

The filter press feeds the filtered liquid that is fed by the feed pump. Under the guidance of the split pipe, the filter press manufacturer divides the filter into a plate and frame filter plate with two filter cloths in contact with the filter cloth. At this time, with the cooperation of the filter cloth, the filter press. The basic and important role of the filter press occurred-solid-liquid separation. The filter press cloth outside the filter press device naturally intercepted the solids in the filtered liquid on the filter cloth and gradually accumulated to form a filter cake. For liquids that can pass through the filter cloth, the box-type filter press intercepts, guides, and merges the solid filter plates on both sides of the plate frame, and discharges the filtered liquid out of the filter press equipment.

The plate and frame are the core of the filter press. The quantity, quality and material of the plate and frame have a great impact on the filter. The material is the core of the filter. So how should the material of the filter be selected? The following Chamber Filter Press Factory will give you a detailed introduction.

Automatic Chamber Filter Press

Automatic Chamber Filter Press

1. Rubber filter plate and filter frame

Rubber is a good acid and alkali resistant material, but its practicality is limited by temperature, generally not more than 75 ° C, and there is also aging.

2. Plastic filter plate

The plastic filter plate used in the filter press is an improved polypropylene plastic filter plate, which is supplemented with fillers, tougheners, anti-aging agents, antioxidants and other auxiliary materials, making it have good advantages.

Glass filter plate

Glass filter plate is a form of glass fiber reinforced plastic made of synthetic resin and its strength are increased by glass fiber. Such a filter plate has the following advantages: lightweight and high strength; resistance to corrosion by media such as acid, alkali and salt, and long service life; the temperature of the filtered liquid can be about 100 ° C, and the heat resistance is good. The disadvantage is that it is aging like plastic, but it is slower than plastic.

Filter plate for wood filter press

The wood filter board is generally made of shirt wood. This kind of wood filter board has good sealing performance and is not easy to leak. The manufacturing process is more convenient. Compared with the concerns of other materials, the weight is also lighter, which is convenient for transportation and movement. The disadvantage is that the strength of the wood itself is not high, so the filter plate made is easy to be damaged, and it is easy to be corroded during use.

The box-type filter press is used to guide the flow of filtered liquid to the two solid filter plates. The hollow space in the middle is used to achieve the filtration and separation function. The pipe discharges the filtered liquid.

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