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How to Install Plate and Frame Filter Press?

Jun. 22, 2019

Filter Press Supplier would like to share the installation method of the plate and frame filter press with you:

Plate And Frame Filter Pres

Plate And Frame Filter Press

1. Design the pre-buried hole according to the size of the foot provided by the supplier, using two grouting methods.

2. There should be enough space around the filter press for easy operation and maintenance.

3. The Plate And Frame Filter Press should be placed horizontally on the floor, and the rear top plate should be fixed on the foundation with the foot screw. (Note: the bottom screw is generally only fixed to the rear top plate. Because the pull-drying has a certain downward bending due to the pressure of the plate frame. When the filter press is pressed, the pull-drying is straightened, resulting in a small displacement. If the two ends are fixed at the same time, which may cause the pressure to not be tight or damage the frame.)

4. The material and specifications of the filter cloth are determined according to the filtered material, pressure and temperature. The appropriate filter cloth should be selected.

5. The plate frame is neatly discharged on the frame according to the requirements, and the processed filter cloth is neatly arranged on the filter plate. Note that the feed holes between the filter plates correspond to the rinsing holes.

6. The plate and frame filter press is powered on and checked for proper operation. The mechanical transmission should check whether the motor is reversing or not, whether the gearbox or the oil in the oil head of the head is full, and whether the screw and gear oil are added. The hydraulic drive checks whether the gear pump running sound is normal, whether the hydraulic system has leakage or not, and whether the piston rod is in and out smoothly.

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