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Importance Of Sealability For Plate And Frame Filter Press

Mar. 22, 2019

As a company that produces Plate and Frame Filter Press, let's take a look at the importance of the Plate and Frame Filter Press hydraulic seal. When it comes to the hydraulic system of the frame and frame filter press, the part that is not easy to seal is the hydraulic device. Since the hydraulic device adopts a double cylinder and a screw extension structure, if the piston seal of the double cylinder has a slight problem, or the screw arm has a gap of 1 mm with the bottom cylinder mouth, the hydraulic system sealing effect is reduced, which not only causes A large amount of hydraulic oil overflows, and it can also cause the hydraulic system to not generate enough pressure, which ultimately affects the operation of the entire equipment.

I believe that as long as people who have seen the frame and frame filter press, they know the extremely important part of the plate and frame filter press - the filter chamber, which is a separate piece of separate Filter Plate, with a filter cloth in between, and then The equipment provides a powerful pressure that turns them into a filter chamber. It is mainly responsible for the filtration separation. When it is working, the inside is filled with the filtrate, and their internal energy is still very high. If there is a tiny place in the filter chamber, it cannot be sealed, which is enough to cause the internal pressure of the filter chamber to be insufficient. High, causing the filtrate to not flow according to the normal filtration path, thus affecting the working efficiency and quality of the equipment. In addition, the filter liquid is continuously infiltrated from the unsealed place, which not only reduces the work quality of the equipment, but also increases the uselessness of the equipment, resulting in waste of the equipment. Therefore, it can be seen that in order to make the filter press equipment work normally, the filter chamber needs to be sealed.

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