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Features Of Membrane Filter Press

Mar. 19, 2019

Membrane Filter Press has the advantages of high pressing pressure, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance and reliability. It is the choice of customers in metallurgy, gas, paper, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemicals and other industries.

The main difference between the Membrane Filter Press and the ordinary box filter press is that two elastic membranes are added on both sides of the filter plate (the composite rubber diaphragm is the integral diaphragm). During the operation, when the feeding is finished, the The high pressure fluid medium is injected into the membrane plate, at which point the entire membrane bulges and presses the filter cake, thereby achieving further dewatering of the filter cake, which is press filtration.

Membrane Filter Press

The diaphragm filter press filter plate adopts the intermediate feed separation pipe, which is capable of forming the filter cake formed by the diaphragm filter press in the middle of the filter plate uniformly, and forming a very neat, using the diaphragm filter press Secondary extrusion. If the half-angle feed separation pipe is used, not only the irregularity of the filter cake formation is increased, but also the feed amount is reduced, thereby affecting the efficiency of the diaphragm filter press.

The membrane filter press realizes the filtration process of efficient dehydration, and can ensure the filter filter to achieve good filtration effect, and greatly reduce the moisture content of the filter cake. After the end of the feeding process, the filter cake is pressed to increase the dewatering efficiency of the whole machine, the dryness of the filter cake is increased, the pollution is reduced and the labor is reduced, and even in some processes, the drying process can be eliminated. If the blowing operation is increased before and after pressing, the moisture content of the filter cake can be further reduced.

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