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Protection And Replacement Of The Filter Plate

Mar. 15, 2019

Regarding the Filter Press, the filter plate is somewhat simple to wear and destroy. The user should regularly protect and replace the filter plate of the filter press. So, what kind of filter plate is qualified in the process of protecting or replacing the filter plate? What do we need to pay attention to? As a Filter Accessories And Equipment Factory , let's explain it to everyone.

Chamber Filter Press

First of all, the replacement of the new filter plate, the necessary conditions are the same as the original filter plate size, these conditions include the length, width and thickness of the filter plate, if there is an error, the filter plate will be placed on the equipment beam, When moving, it is possible to move around, and maybe there is a possibility that it will not be put up, and then the overall operation of the filter press will be seriously affected.

Secondly, investigating the holes inside the filter plate, since the current filter plates are all forged by the hot processing of polypropylene, then the initial data of the filter press filter plate is heated before use, so the filter plate is in the forging process. It is very simple to form a hole, and when such an empty space reaches a certain amount of space, such a filter plate is not a good commodity.

Again, investigate the depth of the filter plate sinking. The depth of the filter plate sinking determines the amount of work per gap cycle of the equipment (the deeper the filter plate depth, the greater the amount of work each time), but not as deep as possible, but the filter plate collapses. When the depth exceeds the strong pressure of the filter plate itself, the filter plate is prone to cracking or damage, and even the splitting of the filter plate can be formed, which hurts life.

Protection or replacement of new filter plates must ensure that these aspects are in compliance with the specifications, only the appropriate filter plate can assist the filter press to achieve the desired working efficiency.

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