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Why does Membrane Filter Press break?

Dec. 31, 2019

The mesh number of the filter cloth is too small: The mesh number is an important parameter for Membrane Filter Press. It indicates the size of the filter holes that the filter cloth has. When the mesh number is smaller when the filter holes are larger than the solid to be intercepted. That is, there are many solid particles that pass through the filter cloth in a normal way, which causes the liquid to remain cloudy after filtering; the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press is broken: everyone knows that the filter cloth is generally knitted by various fibers, and I want to The cloth is the same, so the filter cloth is soft and ductile. Because of this, whether the filter cloth is in dry work or in storage, it is very easy to damage the filter cloth, such as being punctured by a hard object, such as being filtered. Cake breaks, etc. When the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press appears, when the filter cloth is broken, a large amount of solids will pass through the filter cloth from the rupture point when the equipment is running and will flow out of the equipment through the drainage system of the equipment The liquid filtered by the natural equipment still appears cloudy.

The filter cloth is retracted between the filter plates; for a diaphragm filter press, to work properly, it must be ensured that the two sides of the filter cloth must form a separate space, so the edge of the filter cloth must be required Pressed on the edge of the filter cloth. The filter cloth is often larger than the filter plate. Generally, the filter press is afraid that the filter cloth will shrink back into the filter plate due to the expansion of the filter cake during the work. Then, this phenomenon naturally appeared.

Hydraulic Filter Press

Hydraulic Filter Press

As a Hydraulic Filter Press Factory, I will tell you that the incorrect placement of the filter cloth of the filter press will cause the filter chamber to be unable to seal.

The filter plate and filter cloth under pressure of the filter press must be under strong pressure to achieve a closed filter chamber structure. When this pressure is insufficient, the pressure applied to the filter plate is less than the pressure of the filter liquid, and the filter liquid is naturally filtered. Can take it for granted.

When the edge of the filter press is damaged, even if it is slightly raised, even if one side is often worn, it is also in contact with other filter plates. No matter what the pressure is, the formed filter room will penetrate. This point we judge according to the situation of the leakage point, the penetration caused by the damage of the filter plate is generally relatively large, and may even spray.

The filter cloth of the filter press is incorrectly placed. There are many reasons why the filter room cannot be sealed. We need to start by simply surrounding the filter room to see if the filter cloth is wrinkled or the edge of the filter cloth is defective. Because the structure of the filter room is formed by the filter plate and filter cloth being inserted into each other and subjected to strong pressure, the general filter plate is not prone to problems, and the rest is the filter cloth. It is necessary to form a seal between the hard filter plates, which plays a key role in the filter cloth. The wrinkles or incompleteness of the natural filter cloth easily cause gaps between the filter plates, and the natural filter room will not form a seal. Our company also has Hydraulic Membrane Filter Press on sale, welcome to consult.

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