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Installation and Commissioning of the Filter Press

Jul. 05, 2019

When it comes to filtering presses, many people pay more attention to the installation and commissioning of filter presses, because the after-sales service personnel provided by the general sales manufacturers need to be debugged across regions, and the time will be delayed. Therefore, it is our first priority to understand the debugging and installation methods of the filter press in time. The Filter Press and Accessories Factory below will talk about the installation and commissioning of the filter press in detail.

Installation and commissioning of the filter press should pay attention to the following points, as long as this can make us better operate the filter press:

First: When installing the Automatic Chamber Filter Press, we must choose the installation location, and install the filter press on a flat concrete floor. In addition, it is necessary to fix the thrust plate foot of the feeding end with the anchor bolt, and fix the anchor bolt with two nuts. It should be noted that the beam must be kept perpendicular to the thrust plate during installation;

Second: the installer needs to design according to the load of the equipment, leaving holes on the ground and grouting twice;

Third: There must be enough operating space around the filter press. In addition, the hydraulic pressure filter press should be placed in the hydraulic station, and the hydraulic station can be guaranteed to work normally;

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press

Fourth: Installation and commissioning Chamber Filter Press must prepare all the installation equipment, and equipped with a filter pressure display table, to facilitate real-time observation of the use of the filter press, to ensure that the filter press is operating within the normal working range;

Fifth: inject the clean mechanical oil into the fuel tank of the hydraulic station, and control the temperature at -5 °C;

Sixth: After installing the filter press, you need to turn on the power test machine. If the filter press is running normally, the pressure gauge rises steadily, and the hydraulic system does not leak. You can adjust the pressure according to the size of the model. Good equipment to facilitate the continuous operation of the next filter press.

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