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Four Steps of The Filter Press Work

Jul. 23, 2019

The filter press is divided into four steps under normal working procedures: compaction, feeding, air drying, and unloading of cake. Today, Filter Press Supplier is mainly to explain in detail the problems and specific operations in these four steps.

First, the filter press must check the filter cloth before starting. The filter cloth should not be wrinkled. The power supply should also be connected. After checking these items, you can start the Chamber Filter Press.

After starting the filter press, pay attention to press the compression button, so that the piston can work, and the hydraulic system can be automatically adjusted. When the filter presser is pressed, we can push the material. The pressure of the feed should be gradually increased to normal pressure.

Chamber Filter Press China

Chamber Filter Press China

When the final pressure is normal, we have to observe the filtration of Chamber Filter Press China. At this time, we will find that the liquid volume of the liquid outlet is gradually reduced, and the decrease of the filtrate indicates that the slag in the filter chamber is filled. When the filtrate is essentially absent, we should consider the filter cake to be substantially shaped. After air drying, the cake can be unloaded. After the filter cake is unloaded, we can close the feed switch and the air inlet. Then press the release button.

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