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The Importance of Filter Cloth

Aug. 04, 2019

Everyone knows that the High Pressure Membrane Filter we use is a solid-liquid separation device. For the filter press, it is only necessary to have a filter cloth to achieve separation. For the smoother work of the filter press, as one of the Automatic Membrane Filter Press Manufacturers, today we explain the product knowledge about filter cloth.

First, we must learn to choose the filter cloth of the filter press. In addition to not only selecting the type of filter cloth, the size of the filter cloth, the mesh size of the filter cloth, but also the common selection of filter cloth parameters, we often choose the preparation of the filter cloth, the temperature resistance or ductility of the filter cloth, such as: For some sticky and viscous liquid filtration, we can choose the twill filter cloth, which improves the contact between the filter cake and the filter cloth surface, and easily separates the filter cake from the filter cloth, which is beneficial to the High Pressure Membrane Filter Press and filter cloth. A better match between.

Second, we need to know how to place the filter cloth. During the process of placing, it is necessary to place the filter cloth between the filter plate and the filter plate in a smooth and natural manner, taking care not to have wrinkles, which will make the sealing of the filter chamber of the filter press more difficult, resulting in a lower quality of the filter press. . Note that the filter can not be too tight, resulting in tearing of the filter cloth, because the horizontal filter press is to store the filter cake in the filter chamber between the filter cloth and the filter cloth, if it is filter Too tight, as the filter cake keeps accumulating, it will break the filter cake.

High Pressure Membrane Filter Press

High Pressure Membrane Filter Press

Finally, we must master the washing method of the filter cloth. After the filter cloth is applied for a period of time, the filtration efficiency and quality will have a certain influence, so the filter cloth needs to be washed. In the process of washing, apply some weak weak acid or weak lye as much as possible, and wipe the surface of the filter cloth. After the surface solids soften, rinse with water, you can use the fixed force to remove. Do not tamper with the filter cloth, which will cause damage to the filter cloth.

The above content for everyone is how to effectively choose the filter cloth and several precautions for the filter cloth. The purpose of selecting the filter cloth is to ensure the normal operation of the High Pressure Membrane Filter and to achieve better solid-liquid separation.

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