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What Are the Consequences of Incorrect Placement of the Filter Cloth?

Aug. 17, 2019

As a Filter Press and Accessories Factory, let's talk about the consequences of incorrect placement of the Plate and Frame Filter Press.

The pressure of the plate and frame filter press is insufficient. The filter plate and the filter cloth must be under strong pressure to realize the closed filter chamber structure. When the pressure is insufficient, the pressure applied to the filter plate is less than the pressure of the filtrate. Naturally, The filtrate will naturally be able to penetrate from the gap.

When the edge of the Plate Frame Filter Press China is damaged, even if it is slightly raised, even if one side wears frequently, and then it is contacted by another filter plate, the filter chamber formed will penetrate regardless of the pressure. In this case, we judge from the leakage point that the penetration of the filter plate is generally large and may even be sprayed.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Plate and Frame Filter Press's filter cloth was placed incorrectly. There are many reasons why the filter chamber can't be sealed. We need to start from the simple, around the filter chamber to see if the filter cloth has wrinkles or the edges of the filter cloth are defective. Since the structure of the filter chamber is interposed between the filter plate and the filter cloth and is subjected to strong pressure, the filter plate is generally not prone to problems, and the rest is the filter cloth. A seal is formed between the hard filter plates to play a key role in the filter cloth. The wrinkles or defects of the natural filter cloth are likely to cause gaps between the filter plates, and the natural filter chamber will not form a seal.

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