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How to Choose the Filter Media of High Pressure Filter Press?

Sep. 21, 2019

In addition to the filtering cloth of the filter press and the filter plate of the filter press, there is another factor that cannot be ignored is the filter medium in the middle of the filter press. Many people will ignore this. Next, Membrane Filter Press Factory will give you an explanation.

If the filter press is only filtered by the filter cloth and the filter plate, the filter press itself will increase the pressure of the filter when it is working again, and the filter will also give the filter plate and filter cloth of the filter press Pressure, such a strong pressure, is not to say that the filter plate filter can complete the filtration task, and it must be deformed by the powerful High Pressure Filter Press, and the filter cloth is broken.

High Pressure Filter Press

High Pressure Filter Press

In the filtration, the component that is actually responsible for filtration is the filter medium. The filter plate supports the filter cloth. The function of the filter cloth should be a device for separating the filter cake and the filter cloth from a professional point of view. The filter media can be changed and added at will, but what kind of filter media should I choose to make the filter press have a powerful filtering effect? Before choosing the right filter media, we need to know what our filter looks like and what kind of properties we have. The solids and liquids of the filtrate are mainly in what form.

What kind of material is the solid part of the filter, what is the size, what is the density, what is its chemical nature, whether it is acidic or alkaline. These are what we must figure out. Our principle is that the density of the filter medium must be greater than the density of solid objects in the filtrate, and the medium in the filter medium must not chemically react with the filtrate and withstand the high temperatures of the filtrate.

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