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How Much Hydraulic Oil should I load in the Chamber Filter Press?

Sep. 09, 2019

The Chamber Filter Press's hydraulic system is important for the overall system. The choice of good hydraulic oil has a great influence on the Chamber Filter Press. The hydraulic oil can provide strong pressure to the filter press. If you want the filter press to operate normally, you need a strong pressure, so we are When selecting hydraulic oil, it is necessary to consider various factors and choose an anti-wear and pressure-resistant neutral hydraulic oil.

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press

How much is the most suitable amount of hydraulic oil? Filter Press Supplier has the following recommendations:

The hydraulic system of the Automatic Chamber Filter Press has a hydraulic station that specifically pumps and stores oil. The storage space in the hydraulic station is also very limited, so it is necessary to add suitable hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances, the amount can be about 85%, because as the oil temperature rises, the volume becomes larger, and the excessive oil quantity will directly affect the normal operation of the hydraulic station. Also. The amount of oil in the hydraulic station must not be lower than 40%, because too little oil will affect the internal pump's twitch. Therefore, in daily life, the Automatic Chamber Filter Press needs to be regularly checked and maintained.

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