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Filter Cleaning Process

May. 13, 2019

The whole cleaning process of the filter press, we all know, after the filter press operation, there will be a little residue of filter residue. In order not to affect the further filtration operation, we need to clean the filter press in time. As a Vehicle Mounted Filter Press Supplier, we have summarized the entire process of filter press cleaning, which is summarized as follows:

The first thing to note is that before cleaning, we need to understand the properties of the filter cloth filter, so as to choose the corresponding cleaning method.

1. Select the weak base water and soak the filter cloth for 10~24 hours.

2. Then repeat the sputum on the filter cloth, wash it with clean water, then dry it to 90% dry and then operate again.

Secondly, we can use the manual method when cleaning the Plate and Frame Jack Compacting Filter Press.

1. Remove the filter from the plate frame and soak it in water.

2. Repeatedly rubbing with your hands, plus detergent.

3. You can also use a brush, a household shoe brush, and gently brush the impurities on the filter cloth. After brushing clean, replace with clean water to rinse.

4. If the filter cloth is acidic, then the filter cloth can be soaked with an alkaline solution.

5. If the filter cloth is alkaline, use a slightly acidic solution to soak the filter cloth.

Plate and Frame Jack Compacting Filter Press

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