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What is the cause of the leak in the High Pressure Membrane Filter Press?

Dec. 03, 2019

When many people use the High Pressure Membrane Filter Press, they will find that the filter penetrates during filtration. So how can a good filter press penetrate and why the filter press penetrates?

When the filter press is manufactured, the surface of the filter plate is milled by a numerical control milling machine. Before leaving the factory, each filter press will undergo an empty water test. According to the common sense of production, it is impossible to seep the missing questions. But ask what would leak? The leakage is after the customer has installed the filter cloth.

High Pressure Membrane Filter Press

High Pressure Membrane Filter Press

After the new machine leaves the factory and reaches the customer's company, after the user installs the filter cloth, some customers will respond that it is infiltration. So, since no leakage was found when China Filter Press Accessories Factory, then the leakage will be found in the hands of the customer. What is the cause?

At this time we must learn to judge,

First, whether the filter press is compacted, how much the compaction the pressure is, and whether it has reached the operating pressure.

Second, whether the filter cloth is placed flat and there is no foreign matter pressed in. The common foreign matter is the filter cloth binding line.

Third, if the machine is of the undercurrent type, whether the underflow holes of the filter cloth are aligned. If one of the holes is not aligned, it will affect the liquid discharge of the entire machine.

Another reason is that because it is a new filter cloth, the gap between the warp and weft threads of the filter cloth is large. After several uses, the material will block the gap and will not leak.

Next, talk about the flushing and filter cloth calibration of Jack Compacting Filter Press.

During the dewatering process, fine gypsum particles can clog the filter cloth. The filter cloth after the filter cake comes off should be cleaned before and after. After the filter cloth is regenerated, return to the original position and rinse the filter cloth with a cleaning tube. Front; another cleaning tube is used to rinse the other side of the filter cloth. It is installed under the discharge end of the vacuum belt dehydrator. The nozzles are arranged according to the water pressure and flow velocity, the distance between the nozzle and the filter cloth, and the spray angle. The water flow from the nozzle should be fan-shaped, and adjacent fan-shaped spray areas should overlap. The gypsum particles remain in the grooves of the belt and also require rinsing. In order to ensure the moisture content and chloride ion content of the filter cake, a filter cake cleaning device is provided.

Filter cloth correction

The filter cloth calibration system is a pneumatic control system. The system consists of a baffle arm and a pneumatic control valve, an airbag and a rubber correction roller. The arm is always in contact with the filter cloth, and its rotation controls the pneumatic control valve so that one end of the airbag expands at one end and the air contracts at one end. The deviation of the filter cloth (reciprocating movement of the filter cloth) is completed by the correction roller. The self-aligning bearing seat is installed and fixed at one end of the frame, and the other end is connected to the deviation of the airbag and automatically moves to the correct filter cloth. The limit switches are installed on both sides of the vacuum belt dehydrator frame. When the filter cloth is severely deflected, the limit switch will be squeezed to stop the vacuum belt dehydrator.

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