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How can I prevent the Filter Press from rusting?

Nov. 26, 2019

In a humid environment, the continuous operation of the filter press can easily cause rust, which will not only cause the filter press equipment to malfunction but also increase the maintenance burden. How to carry out effective filter press corrosion protection work? Especially in humid The air and humid environment are conditions that can cause the filter press to produce rust. So how can we prevent the filter press from rusting?

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press

The most susceptible part of the Chamber Filter Press is the base of the equipment. Generally, the base is in direct contact with the ground and is easily damaged. It is therefore recommended to use the base of the filter press to support the equipment. When placing the filter press, also keep the ground clean and free of parallel foreign matter. Secondly, the screw rod of the hydraulic device is also easy to rust. The screw rod is constantly moving and easily reacts with water molecules in the air. Therefore, when not using a filter press, be sure to add some lubricant.

The anti-corrosion work of the filter press is critical to the maintenance of the equipment and the extension of the service life of the filter press. In addition, it is also important to improve the waterproof operation of the filter's electronic components. Water storage supplies such as water buckets, so as not to affect the operation of the filter press.

Speaking of the effect of temperature on the working condition of the filter press, the biggest factor influencing it is the temperature of the filtered liquid. The temperature of the filtered liquid directly affects the filtration the efficiency of the filter press and whether the filter can operate normally. When the temperature of the filtered liquid exceeds the design temperature of the filter press and exceeds the temperature of the filter plate, it directly causes the deformation of the filter plate of the filter press, or reduces the acid and alkali resistance of the filter plate, or accelerates the filter plate corruption deterioration.

There are also factors that are affected by the external temperature during the use of the filter press. The weather is getting colder and people have to add a few more clothes. For the filter press, the colder weather also has a certain effect. Some research has been done in all aspects. In the process of using the filter press, the temperature in the environment of the Filter Press Supplier construction will also have an important impact on the filter press!

的 The temperature of the filtered liquid will also affect the filtration quality and efficiency of the filter press. During the use of the filter press, the temperature of the filtered liquid increases, and the mobility of water molecules is stronger, so it is easier for water to flow out of the filter cloth. In addition, the temperature of the filtered liquid will also be transmitted to the filter cloth in contact with it. At different temperatures, the pores of the filter cloth will also change direction. When the temperature is high, the temperature of the fibers in the filter cloth will also be small. It will become higher and the pore size will increase slightly, so the increase in temperature will also increase the filtration efficiency to a certain extent. Therefore, when purchasing filter press equipment, be sure to tell the temperature of the filtered liquid.

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