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How To Reduce The Loss Of The Automatic Pressure Maintaining Filter?

Apr. 01, 2019

Some customers feel that the pressure loss of the filter press is getting bigger and bigger after using the Automatic Pressure Maintaining Filter for a period of time. A large part of the situation is caused by the lack of pressure of the filter press. On the one hand, the machine itself is aging or malfunctioning. When the machine is running, it may overheat, which is relatively large for the filter plate and filter cloth. When the loss of the filter press is increased, find the cause of the problem, solve the problem as soon as possible, and do not let the equipment always be in a fault condition. As a Filter Accessories And Equipment Factory, we have the following recommendations.

1. When the sludge is too thick or dry, it will cause blockage of the feed port. At this time, there is no medium between the filter plates, only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself is left. damage. A nylon cleaning blade should be used to remove the mud from the feed port.

2. Insufficient supply or improper solid particles in the feed will also cause excessive stress on the Automatic Pressure Maintaining Filter itself. Complete this cycle to reduce the filter plate volume or add blind plates.

3. If the outlet is blocked by solids or the supply valve is closed or the valve is closed when starting, the pressure is not leaked and damage is caused. Check the filter cloth, clean the drain, check the water outlet, open the corresponding valve, and release the pressure.

4. When the filter plate is not cleaned, it sometimes causes the medium to leak. Once it is leaked, the edge of the plate frame will be washed out with a small groove. The pressure of the medium will not increase, and the mud cake cannot form. . At this time, the filter plate should be carefully cleaned.

Therefore, during the daily operation, we must maintain and maintain the Automatic Pressure Maintaining Filter to avoid unnecessary damage.

Automatic Pressure Maintaining Filter

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