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13 Notes On Membrane Filter Press 2

May. 05, 2019

As a Hydraulic Filter Press Factory, we continue to share the precautions for diaphragm filter presses.

8. Once the equipment starts working, the equipment cannot be adjusted. If the pressure gauge is damaged or the pressure gauge is not installed, it must not be turned on;

9. When the oil pipe is replaced for the first time, the operator should stay away from the high pressure oil pipe;

10. The equipment can not be overloaded for a long time, otherwise it may burn out the motor or damage the parts;

11. Clean up the entry and exit channels in time, and prevent the blockage of the import and export channels;

12. When removing slag, clean the filter cloth and the plate frame;

13. The filter plate and filter frame should not be exposed to oil, acid and alkali, etc. Keep away from heat and sunlight.

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