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13 Notes On Membrane Filter Press 1

Apr. 29, 2019

As a Vehicle Mounted Filter Press Supplier, we have 13 recommendations for the use of Membrane Filter Press.

1. The staff must be familiar with the manual when operating the diaphragm filter press, and must follow the instructions and do not operate indiscriminately.

2. The quality of the filter cloth must be good, no wrinkles, damage, etc.;

3. Always check whether the installation of equipment parts is safe, tight, and oil leakage;

4. Hydraulic oil quality and oil level must be operated according to requirements;

5. The oil temperature should not be too high, preferably less than 60 ° C; do not let water and dust enter the mailbox;

6. Clean the oil filter frequently;

7. The newly purchased Automatic Plate Pulling Membrane Filter Press should clean the fuel tank, oil cylinder, oil circuit, etc. after one month, and then replace and clean it once every six months;

Automatic Plate Pulling Membrane Filter Press

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