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The Problem Of The Flow Direction Of The Filter On The Plate And Frame Filter Press

Jun. 10, 2019

We know that the Plate And Frame Filter Press allows the turbid filter to enter the filter press and become a clear liquid that flows out of the device. So how much do you know the specific principle of the plate and frame filter press? As a Filter Press Supplier, let's take a look at it.

1. The filtrate is first pumped into the water inlet pipe by the feed pump, and the feed pump gradually increases the filtrate of the water inlet pipe, so that the filtrate enters the two water distribution pipes under high-pressure conditions.

2. The water distribution pipe is connected to the two inlet flanges above the Plate And Frame Filter Press, so that the filtrate enters the two distribution pipes above the filter plate of the plate and frame filter press, and the distribution pipe has The filter plates are extruded one by one, and on one side of the uniform direction of each filter plate, there are channels or grooves leading to the central recess of the filter plate.

In this way, the filtrate from the distribution pipe of the filter plate is divided into the filter chambers composed of one filter plate and one plate frame, which actually flows into the plate frame wrapped by the two filter cloths, and the filter cloth. Contact, under the trend of strong pressure, the liquid in the filter will pass through the filter cloth, while the filter cloth can only allow the liquid to pass, and the solid is intercepted and stored in the filter chamber.

Plate And Frame Filter Press

3. When the liquid passes through the filter cloth, the solids in it are intercepted, and the solid-liquid separation is achieved. At this time, the filtrate becomes clear and clean and then passes through the collection of the outlet pipe below the filter plate, respectively. The water from the different outlet channels is collected and flows out to the drain valve of the single filter plate to discharge the device.

Such a liquid will no longer contain solid impurities, but it is probably not a single clean water. Therefore, we have to cure the molecular molecules before we can handle different molecular structures. It is used in Plate And Frame Filter Press. Separation.

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