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Reasons For Overheating Membrane Filter Press

Apr. 20, 2019

As a Filter Accessories And Equipment Factory, let's talk about the reasons for the overheating of the Membrane Filter Press.There are two reasons why the Membrane Filter Press is overheated: one is the hydraulic system and the other is the Membrane Filter Press filter plate. The hydraulic system of the filter press is closely related to the temperature. It can control the hydraulic system through the heat release device of the device, so that the filter press can operate normally, and the demand is particularly important that the temperature of the hydraulic station should not be too high, because This will affect the hydraulic system and then cause the system to not function properly. The Membrane Filter Press filter plate is made of polypropylene. It can be used to avoid overheating, slow down the temperature, reduce the differentiation and oxidation of the Membrane Filter Press filter plate, and the application cycle of the filter plate.  Reduce the damage of the filter plate, increase the production rate, and obtain greater profit.

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