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Does the Chamber Filter Press Pump need to be Adjusted if it is not Concentric with the Motor?

Feb. 07, 2020

Chamber Filter Press hydraulic oil temperature is too high: serious volume leakage caused excessive volume loss, repair the leaking place to ensure sealing. The relative frictional force of the moving parts is too large, and the parts are processed and assembled according to the assembly requirements. Oil leakage in the system: the seal is damaged or reversed, replace the seal or correct the installation. The pipe joint is loose and needs to be tightened. Check valve cone valve and valve seat are not strict, or the valve seat is damaged, repair or replace the valve seat. The gap between the moving parts' opposite surfaces is too large. Replace parts to reduce the fitting clearance. The pressure is adjusted too high, and the working pressure is appropriately reduced.

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press

The hydraulic system of the box filter press generates vibration and noise: hydraulic pump: the pump shaft is not concentric with the motor and needs to be adjusted again according to requirements; the coupling is loose and should be tightened; the hydraulic pump parts are severely worn and need to be replaced; insufficient oil quantity, oil absorption Insufficient sealing of the tube causes suction, or the oil filter is blocked and the oil is not sucked. Add oil, handle the seal, and clean the oil filter.

Overflow valve: The gap between the valve core and the valve body is too large, or there are burrs or debris. Replace the valve core, adjust the clearance, clear burrs and debris; damage to the box filter spring or valve seat, replace the spring, repair Valve seat; damping hole is blocked, clean the damping hole. Reversing valve: The solenoid is not well sucked and needs to be repaired; the valve core is stuck, cleaned or renovated; the spring is damaged or too hard and needs to be replaced. The hydraulic cylinder seal of the box-type filter press is too tight or the processing and assembly errors cause too much movement resistance. Adjust the seal tightness appropriately, replace or repair the unqualified parts, and reassemble.

As a Filter Press Manufacturers, share with you the knowledge of filter plates for filter presses.

The hard filter will damage the filter plate. The filter contains hard, bulky solid particles, which can also cause the filter plate of the filter to be easily damaged. During the filtration process, such hard and voluminous solid particles will accumulate in the chamber. As more and more solid particles are accumulated, various hard particles are stacked together, and the filter press automatically provides the filter plate. A force for squeezing the filter cake, everyone knows that the forces are mutual, and the hard particles are unevenly distributed in the filter chamber, which will also cause the filter plate of the filter press to be easily damaged.

The filter press is damaged, causing uneven force on the filter plate, and the pressure of the filter press destroys the filter plate. The damage mentioned here is only during the use of the filter press, the filter plate inadvertently deforms the pressure of the filter plate, unevenness, or the height of the edge of the filter plate and the boss are not consistent, or the edge is directly worn. The above damaged filter plates are not easy to see. If you use this type of filter plate that looks diseased and not damaged with other filter plates, during the operation of the filter press, the equipment will provide powerful filter plates. Pressure, and also for a long time, this will inevitably cause a large or long-term damage to other filter plates.

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