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What elements ensure the safe use of Filter Press?

Oct. 23, 2019

  As a Filter Press Manufacturers, there is some information I want to share it with you. The maintenance of the filter press equipment during the use is very important. It is necessary to lubricate and maintain the mating part and the transmission part, especially the feedback signal position of the automatic control system (electric contact pressure gauge and stroke switch, etc.) and hydraulic system hydraulic components. Accuracy and reliability must be guaranteed in order to maintain normal operation, and the following should be done:

  1. Check carefully whether the joints of the filter press equipment are firm at all times, and whether the parts are used well. If abnormal conditions are found, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time for maintenance.

  2. Check the pull plate trolley, sprocket chain, bearing, piston rod, and other parts regularly so that the matching parts are kept clean and the lubrication performance is good. The hydraulic filter press instruction manual is good to ensure the movement is flexible. The synchronism and the drape of the chain should be adjusted in time.

  3. The pressure filter equipment should regularly conduct insulation and reliability tests on the electronic control system, and find that the accuracy and inflexibility caused by the electrical components are inaccurate, etc., and should be repaired or replaced in time.

  4. The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly for the inspection and maintenance of the sealing of the hydraulic components and the interfaces.

  5. Always check the sealing surface of the filter plate of the filter press equipment to ensure it is clean and clean. Before pressing, check the filter cloth carefully to ensure that it is not folded, damaged, or slag-free, so that it is well-prepared. In order to ensure the filtration effect; at the same time, the filter cloth should be washed frequently to ensure the filtration performance of the filter cloth.

  6. If the filter press equipment is not used for a long time, the filter plate should be cleaned and drained neatly on the frame of the filter press and pressed with a pressure of 1 to 5 MPa. The filter cloth is dried after drying; the exposed part of the piston rod and the integrated block should be buttered.

  7. The hydraulic oil uses HM46 or HM68, and the filter press must be kept clean. The hydraulic oil should be replaced once when the new machine is running for the first time. When changing the oil, the hydraulic oil used in the fuel tank and the cylinder should be drained and the fuel tank cleaned. The filter press will continue to be replaced after one month and will be replaced once in the next six months. This will ensure the normal use of the filter press equipment.

What elements ensure the safe use of Filter Press?

Plate And Frame Filter Press

  The development of industry has caused certain damage to environmental pollution. Therefore, for many machines, today, environmental protection and low carbon are required. The same is true for filter presses. In addition to high requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, many companies have solid-liquid separation. Technology and equipment have put forward higher and wider requirements, so the breadth and depth of filter press applications are still expanding.

  The reason why Plate And Frame Filter Press can flourish and be widely used in various industries, its greatest advantage is positive pressure, high pressure, and pressure dehydration, the pressure difference is much larger than the traditional vacuum filter, so the filter cake is low in water. Less energy consumption, less metal loss, and clear and transparent filtrate. As early as more than a decade ago, some experts pointed out that Chamber Filter Press is the only equipment in all industrial filters that can ensure that the filter cake moisture reaches less than 10% and can be free of flocculant.

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